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ShareFile: A New Way to Reporting

by Energy Technical Services on 06/09/15

This blogpost was written by Lacie Atout.

Being a part of the analytical world entails more than just running tests and compiling data.  On the other end of the spectrum is one of the most important parts of the laboratory: reporting.  The analytical report is the laboratory’s end product; the concluding effort of analysis. The report is the basic service that ETS is providing for our clients. ETS has always taken great measures to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are met, right down to the very end of the analytical process.  Now ETS has a new addition to our process: ShareFile®. 

Over the years, the analytical report, and its delivery, has evolved rapidly.  The postal letter turned into the fax machine, and the fax machine has turned into e-mail.  Soon, the e-mail could become obsolete, as internet “clouds” and other similar functions take over.  This is where ShareFile® steps in.

ShareFile® is a password protected online file storage system.  Users can login with a personal username and password, and access any file that has been issued to them.  This is extremely advantageous to the analytical environment.  The ShareFile® system allows clients to login in from any computer, at any time, and access vital reports that ETS has previously, or presently, generated.  There are many options to customize this system to your business needs, such as to receive notifications that a new report has been added to your ShareFile® account, add a desktop widget to your computer for even easier access, additional user receipts, and more. 

ETS loves making analytical requirements easier for our clients.  Call 205-330-7994, or email, today for more information about your analytical needs, and how to make ShareFile® part of your ETS analytical reports.  

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