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Safety In The Workplace

by Energy Technical Services on 07/15/15

This blogpost was written by Lacie Atout.

Here at ETS, one of our biggest concerns is employee safety and protection.  ETS tries to accommodate our employees to keep them out of harm’s way at all times.  This is important not only for ETS and its’ employees, but for ETS customers as well.  Safe employees means safe business procedures and practices provided to our customers for the best service possible. 

ETS has certain guidelines that it abides by at all times to ensure a safe business place.  Here are a few preventative measures taken for safe business practices:


  • Be aware of surroundings.  Some working conditions and areas can be more hazardous than others.  Just acknowledging an unsafe area can prevent injuries right off the bat.  Here are a few examples of unsafe working conditions and areas:


                                -Severe weather.  Here in Alabama, tornadoes, heavy rainfall, and very high temperatures can be hazardous.  There is no way to prevent bad weather, but precautions can be taken to try to offset the effects that the weather conditions, such as watching the weather channel,  not driving in severe conditions, and staying hydrated in the heat.

                                -Loud noise from machinery or equipment.  Be aware of how many people are around and that no one is in the way of any heavy machinery.

                                -Shock hazards, such as open electrical currents or circuits.

                                -Working from great heights, such as the rooftop or a ladder. 

                                -Insufficient lighting.  


  • Keeping the work area clean. 


                                -Be organized and keep work areas clean. Knowing where supplies, equipment, and chemicals are and keeping them in a designated place is helpful for everyone in the workplace.   

                                -Clean up any spills or contaminates immediately. If a spill or a wet floor has to be left unattended, make sure a sign is put out for others in the workplace to see.

                                -Do not leave trip hazards in the way of others.  Extension cords, telephone cords, door mats are all potential trip hazards.

                -Make employee well-being a priority.  Following the 3H practice is always a good idea:

                                -Healthy: make sure all employees are at an optimal health level.  Getting an adequate amount of sleep, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough exercise are all recommended.

                                -Hydrated: Especially in this Alabama heat, drinking enough water and fluids is so important.  Providing employees with plenty of water at the workplace, and when on the road, is always a good idea.

                                -Happy: It is important to make sure employees are comfortable.  Talking and listening to employees’ concerns is a key part to providing a safe workplace.  Also making sure that employees are not preoccupied, are focused on their job, and are not in a hurry with their duties is imperative.


  •  Using preventative equipment, including but not limited to:


                                -Goggles/face masks



                                -Safe shoes, closed toed or steel toed

                                -Ear plugs or ear muffs


Although all the preventative actions in the world can be taken, injuries still happen.  Here are some steps to be taken in case of injury:

                -Do not rush, remain calm, evaluate situation.

                -Seek help, whether it be emergency help or another employee, etc.

                -Sit/lay down until help arrives. Take deep breaths.  Slow breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth can sometimes be helpful.

                -Unless it is a heat related situation, try not to eat or drink anything until medically approved to do so.

                -If it is a heat related situation, sit in a cool area, and sip on cool fluids.  DO NOT GUZZLE LIQUIDS.  Guzzling may cause vomiting is overheated. 


-Call 911.

-Quickly stabilize injury.

-Do not move patient unless it is mandatory until emergency help arrives.


Do you have any safety tips that you follow that are not listed here?Leave a comment!

Stay safe, folks! 

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