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New Year, No Fear: Compliance Resolutions

by Energy Technical Services on 01/13/16

ETS wants to wish all of our blog readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And what a great way to bring the new year in with the University of Alabama’s championship winning football game! ROLL TIDE!



With a new year brings new beginnings, as well as renewed compliance requirements for your busy business! ETS is happy to inform you that our compliance department is eager to take care of any new, renewed, and ongoing permit applications that have been lingering on your to-do list for sometime.  ETS can provide many types of permit and environmental data services, specifically catered to you and your business’ needs.  These services include:

NPDES Wastewater/Stormwater permits

Laboratory Audits

Data Management

eDMR Reporting

Engineering Support


Along with our full service environmental and fuels testing laboratories in multiple locations, experienced and qualified sampling technicians, excellent service and competitive rates,  ETS can resolve all of your technical and compliance needs, so you can move on to the more important new year resolutions on your list!


Contact us today with any questions you may have concerning this information.  ETS looks forward to working with you!

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