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Drinking Water Class August 2015: Overview

by Energy Technical Services on 09/02/15

A free drinking water class was held in Bay Minette, AL at the Bay Minette Civic Center on August 13, 2015.  The class was sponsored by ETS and HACH Company.  Six hours of CEU's were available to attendees.  Over 55 operators from 17 different water systems participated.  A special thanks to North Baldwin Utilities for the use of their facilities and to HACH and ETS for providing lunch for everyone who attended!

Jason Cumberland - Hach Company, Regional Sales Manager
    Jason spoke about basic chlorine analysis and new technology for field testing parameters.

Chavon McNeil - Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Drinking Water Branch
     Chavon's presentation included drinking water regulatory updates, including Total Coliform Update Rule and the new eDWR reporting.

Suzanne Lindblom - Mobile Area Water and Sewer System, Laboratory Manager
     Suzanne discussed laboratory ethics in both testing and data reporting.  She gave specific examples of incidents where someone went to jail because of this. Laboratory ethics include moral and legal implications, and any unethical instances should not be taken lightly.

Bernard Cassity - City of Tuscaloosa, Water Treatment Biologist
     Bernard spoke about a case study in corrosion control.  He also presented the group with an experiment at each table. 

  How many drops of water can you put on a penny before it spills off?  Over 45 drops! Who knew?

Lennette West - ETS, Vice President
   Lennette's presentation was about correct drinking water bacteria sampling and documentation.

Shannon Beale - Volkert & Associates, Civil Engineer
    Shannon spoke about using hydraulic modeling for a municipality and all the other uses from it, including water loss studies and flow issues.

Julie Dawson - ETS, Regional Business Development Manager
   Julie was a wonderful host and did a great job of making everyone feel excited to learn new things about drinking water! 

Do you or your company have any questions or issues regarding the information presented at this drinking water class? Do you feel like you missed out and need additional training about drinking water? Give ETS a call! ETS provides businesses and municipalities training classes throughout the year to help you understand this industry in the best way possible! Call 205.330.7994 or email info@energytechsvc.com for more info.

Have a lovely day everyone, and don't forget all the hard work and responsibility that goes into being able to drink the water from your faucet! 

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