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Energy Technical Services, LLC
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Energy Technical Services, LLC (ETS), formerly Groundtech Services, Inc., was founded in 1995 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and was originally a testing laboratory performing analysis on construction material.  Over the years, ETS has diversified and expanded services to satisfy the various needs of many clients.  ETS provides fuels, environmental, geotechnical, geological, and engineering services.  ETS is comprised of numerous professionals, including: environmental chemists, engineers, geotechnical personnel, and information technology support. 
Tuscaloosa, AL Team
Chase Garner, Environmental Mgmt

Chase has been with ETS for over 9 years and has been part of a long list of projects, ranging from coal washability to extensive experience with the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. He manages the environmental laboratory in Northport as well as providing assistance to the Mobile Laboratory. Chase is from Tuscaloosa, AL. 
Lacie oversees all business administration, as well as data management and reporting.  She has 8+ experience in analytical testing and administration.  Lacie is from Tuscaloosa, AL.
Lacie Williams, Business & Administration
Mobile, AL Team
Mike Williams, Operations
Mike has over 30 years in the fuels industry, and over 15 years in analytical testing.  He graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in mining engineering, and received his MBA from UAB.  He is a registered P.E. in multiple states, and also has a commercial pilot license. 
Teresa Fuller, Office Administration
Tina S. Williams, Marketing 
As Marketing President of ETS, Tina works closely with current and prospective clients.  She is always looking for new ways to make ETS better.  She attended Jacksonville State University for her bachelor's, and received her Master's degree from University of Alabama.
Jeremy Williams, Fuel Lab Operations
Jeremy is a backbone for ETS' coal lab testing facility. He has served 5 years as a United States Marine, traveling to many different places. On a day to day basis Jeremy provides hands on assistance on all coal lab testing requirements. Jeremy is from Tuscaloosa AL.
Hunter Chavarry, Lab Tech
Matt Allen, Lab Tech
On January 29, 2019, ETS unexpectedly and heartbreakingly lost two very special members, Mike and Tina Williams.  Mike built ETS from the ground up with Tina always at his side.  Though ETS did lose two very important members, Mike always went above and beyond to ensure that ETS has a great team in place to operate at the highest level of service possible.  Mike and Tina have left behind a beautiful and inspiring legacy, especially in their children, Lacie and Jeremy Williams. 
Robert Tyler, Field Operations
Matthew Raburn, Lab Tech
Caleb Krebs, Lab Tech
Joe Kelly, Fuels Lab Tech